please help
thats me in the video

Turn your top hand so your palm is facing up, same with bottom hand. Also lower the mount in front of you to make it easier to control. I started by putting my throwhand middle,AND pointer finger in the top loop. Also just keep practicing the motion over and over.

Liked your video! Ok here are my tips. First I agree usually the mount is held lower to control both strings. You may want to try a shorter string. If not try doing a couple of barrel rolls it kinda wraps the string and makes it shorter and easier to control. Second the thing that I found most help full was the first move from going into the split bottom and almost sending the yoyo into that first boing. Almost throwing it into the string then just the rythm of up down being smooth. Look on YouTube for Brett Grims tutorial its pretty good. Hope this helped.

A few things: With the top hand, I tend to wrap my finger around the string so it doesn’t slip. I had the thoughest time with this trick as well and one day it came to me and now I can do it with my eyes closed as I know what to feel for.

For me, that first boing was key. Start with the yoyo hanging towards you (holding the strings diagonally rather than straight up and down), and go ahead and pull up/move top hand forward so you’re vertical. Be prepared to lower your hand as the yoyo swings forward…and just as the yoyo is at it’s apex in the forward position, be ready to pull up again. Sorry if this is a bit confusing. Just concentrate on getting that first boing down and you’ll find it from there. And shorter string as mentioned, you’ll have better overall control.

And lastly, I learned in a weird way: I started doing it side-style and eventually got to doing frontstyle in about a week or so. Start gentle if you have to. Once you get good, you can vary your speeds.

Lastly (again) Your T9’s pretty noisy, probably due to the larger caps yours has…probably used to my quieter one with the smaller/standard sized stacks.

Here’s a short clip of me doing it. This isn’t by anymeans a tutorial, but just a demonstration of the trick…however tonight seems to be a rough night, I’ve had better sessions… I seemed to have gotten the best results out of the tiny, more difficult yoyo to use. I was kind enough to slow it down so you can see what’s going on. It’s no high speed camera but this should do the trick. Yoyos used: RecRev No9, Littles, and YYF PGM. You may notice a slightly different mount that I do on the last boingy boing sequence with the PGM. The mount I use isn’t a split bottom mount but just an undermount, which seems to work just as well. Yes it’s weird but I sometimes prefer it like this. Just do what works for you.

Good luck!

Okay so what u do is move ur bottom hand side to side it works Greg

Nooooo just kidding top hand up and down, with bigger movements then what u were doing

I believe this video might help you out.

Use bigger, slower motions with your throwhand. It takes a lot of practice, and this took me months to get. But once I got the motion down, it was easy. Also, I learned Over-Under Boing-E-Boing before the original trick. I don’t know why, but this helped me with my timing of the up and down motion. Again, it takes practice, and everyone has their own way of learning, so good luck!