Bongy-Boing help!


I can get into the split bottom mount fine but I can’t get the finger motion down. Any advice?


If you haven’t, try learning Eli Hops, it’s easier IMO and might help with bouncing technique. Maybe try moving your top hand back and forth a little bit instead of up and down to swing it from string to string; then move up and down once you pick up a bit of speed. I have to swing the yoyo in the direction I want it to bounce to get it started, otherwise it won’t go anywhere. I get the feeling people do this without realizing it so it doesn’t end up in the tutorials.

Once you can bounce it just a bit, you could try going into a Mach 5 setup, and that could stop the yoyo from bouncing off to the sides as much. This is a good tutorial on Mach 5 if you don’t know it: The position at 1:13 is what I’m talking about. Try a boingy-boing from there, and it might be a little easier. It’ll feel a little constricted, but at least it’ll stay put.




this is kinda tricky …
i cant get this trick too

i mean … i can do more advance 1A trick …
but i cant do this one…

now still learning, sometimes if i lucky, i will get two or three boing
if not, will either miss the string or the yoyo wont move when i move my finger up and down


This is one of those tricks that will be really hard until you totally master it. When it’s only going back and forth a little bit, it’ll bounce all over the place, but once you pick up speed and it’s pushing far into the string, it’ll stay put a little better. You really have to get it started with an initial swing before it goes where you want it. Once it’s swung into the first string, the upward motion will tighten that string and shoot the yoyo out like a bow and arrow.


You can’t get into position and then start the boing. You will be doomed to eternal failure with that route. :wink: You have to go for broke! -->

When you get into the split bottom mount, the yoyo is inherently at the “back” of the formation. Combine the motion of orienting your hands more or less “up and down” to one another with the motion of the throwhand pulling up to “throw” the yoyo forward. Having done this motion fluidly from the split bottom mount, you might just suss what happens next. But if not:

As it is moving forward, lower the hand to give it slack as it goes into the front string. Each time you lift your hand, it’s to do the “throw”-- either forwards or backwards-- and each time you lower your hand it’s because you’re giving slack. So, once it’s all pushing against the front strings and it has had some slack (you’ll learn to feel the right moment), abruptly lift that throwhand finger again to “throw” it backwards. Lower the hand to give it slack as it goes into those back strings. Rinse and repeat!

It goes without saying that the strings have to keep strict alignment or you’re going to miss strings and cause stability issues.

Oh, another tip: when you are first in the split bottom mount about to go “forward” for the first time, the loop around your forefinger should already be the right length so that the yoyo is positioned more or less halfway between your hands.

I should make a video of this some day… it’s a trick that causes enough problems that another resource couldn’t hurt!


I noticed the same thing, when you watch the tutorial Andre can get it going from a dead stop. I was getting frustrated then I noticed then when I got into the mount I could use the momentum of that to get started and bam I was doing it. Now for some reason I cant get it again ugg, just need more practice.


What i did when i was first learning really helped me learn it quicker. i started by swinging the yoyo between the strings instead of bouncing it. then i gradually began doing the top fingers motion.