need help with boing-e-boing

I just cant seem to do boing-e-boing!!! :’( does anyone have any tips to help me, or should I just move on?

its a trick that i hear just kinda “clicks” one day. i finally started doing it and ive been trying to for like 6 months pretty much since i learn spilt bottom mount. jsut remember its a up and down motion with your throw hand.

I suggest you use the search button. There have been many posts on this, I am quite sure one of them would help you out.

thanks for the help everyone

Also took me MONTHS. Just don’t get in the habit of forward beck motion, Up AND DOWN! Luckily I didn’t get the bad habit but I would think it would be hard to get out of, and then it doesn’t look good.

Don’t know if this is still causing problems but you might try doing mounting with your middle finger. This helps me keep the yoyo straight because the string is attached to the same finger. Keeps it in the correct “plane” of play.

Hope you can get it, when people see boing-e-boing they are always impressed :o

That trick is a pain :frowning: i can do yuki slack and desert rose but cant pull off boingy boing >:(

I kept coming back to boingy and it took some dedicated practice to really get it, and yea, it just clicks and then it’s simple.

the way i did it was i did kinda horizontal so the yoyo is sitting on the string and not hanging then it became easier to do vertical

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Do the first step to Mach 5 and then you can get the motion Dow without the yoyo going out of the two strings
Hope this helps

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