Boing E Boing help

Ok so i do the split the atom mount and i do the boinging thing but the yoyo always slip out help me!

Keep doing it. It’s frustrating, but keep doing it. That’s how you learn you tricks.

BTW, it’s called the split bottom mount. Just practice. It is true. You can do it the cheat way first.
So take the boing-boing position and instead of putting your throwhand finger up down, start pushing back and forth. After the yoyo is going back and forth, start doing the up and down motion.

Also, just practice Boing-E-Boing by removing it from the strings and getting a solid and straight movement back and forth.

This is actually very difficult trick to pull off. What you want to start is by doing the Split Bottom Mount, you want to shoot the yo-yo into the top string and start moving your throw hand UP and DOWN! NOT FRONT AND BACK! Keep your throw hand and non-throw hand parallel to each other, this will keep the strings parallel thus keeping the yo-yo in both strings.

The way I learned it, was by going into Mach 5, but don’t turn your hands like you would do in Mach 5. From there I would practice Boing-E-Boing