My Atomic Bomb doesn't pop...

Hey guys, I am having a little trouble with getting my tricks to pop.  By pop, I mean getting the yoyo to look like it is doing something other than standing still with my hands moving around it.

Here is a video of me doing it:

Ignore the fact that I dropped it a few times, still learning to keep my hands lined up perfectly…

When Andre does it, it looks like his yoyo is popping all around and bouncing off the strings.  Mine looks like my hands are moving a lot, but the yoyo is staying in relatively the same spot (at least compared to his).

So, any suggestions?

i know what you mean. it’s hard to make this one look good. start slow and gradually speed up until you get a rhythm down. you know you’ll get it right when the yo-yo and your fingers move with a kind of rhythm. it’s hard to explain. i use a kind of down and away motion with one hand and a slight upward motion with the other. another good vid here:

you’re doing it right, but getting it smooth takes practice.

This trick has a feel to it. It will take some practice, but concentrate on not popping the yoyo, but let it bounce back and forth kinda. It’s about impossible to describe in words, but when you go to do the barrel roll, let the yoyo bounce of the string and move back and forth (Forward and Back). As it bounces then pull up with your hand thats on top, and you’ll eventually just kinda start getting the feel for it.

yup, just get the feel of it. Once you get solid barrel rolls (You can close your eyes and do it! You can do it fluently!), you can add in the popping part. You’re doing it right.

Once you do it fluently, try to move the yoyo around, instead of moving your hands. Do this by swinging the yoyo around your fingers, not moving your fingers around the yoyo.

i know when i learnedit was hard to make it look cool insteadof using sharp motions in ur handshave ur hands always moving slow fast slow fast slow

ya it isnt the easiest trick to make look cool but if you get the feel you will do better
I think in the vid u did fine just practice the motion and try to get your hands to line up and get a little faster
hope this helps

you just need to keep throwing man. rome wasn’t built in a day. with today’s yo-yo’s, anybody can learn virtually any trick in a relatively brief amount of time, but as for injecting any real harmony and panache into it, there’s no substitute for tons of practice. learn about the spaces between the movements and how the string tension is affected at all times. don’t get frustrated.