Atomic bomb!

My Atomic bomb or Barrel rolls doesnt look much like a barrel roll. Its more like it shoots forward once but dtays in the same place when i bring my other hand forward

The fix for this will come with practice. Mine looked like that for quite some time. :-\ (if what you are describing is roll with your hands on the first pass yoyo just hangs out… then pop on the second time… roll with hands yoyo hangs out… pop… etc)

What helped for me was… instead of rolling your hand forward on the first pass pretend you have to pop it up… From here just keep practising. It will come. It will look stilted for a while pop… long pause… pop long pause etc but with time those pauses will disappear and it will be smooth. :slight_smile: hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS nice user name :slight_smile:

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Thats exactley what i was talking about! Thanks!!