Barrel Rolls

i already know a lots of tricks like zipper matrix skin the gerbil mach 5 boing bong ninja vanishes few GTs budha revenges 1.5 slack mounts all mounts whips even ann connolys magic trick AND i still cannot get through barrel rolls… that trick is just impossible to do for me ;< i knwo the motion all steps but when i am doing it fast i dont get this effect :< 5min ago i watched just some random yoyo video with some kid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and what i noticed at 1:14 that he has the same problem as i do :stuck_out_tongue: check this out i ahve the same problem with lack of that second rolling motion :< how to fix it

Now I"m wondering if I’m doing my own right. :wink:

A video of “this is what I want to do, check 1:15” and “this is how I actually do it” (the kid’s video or one of your own) would be helpful in identifying the problem and giving you pointers on what to fix.

amg… wheres  my link :smiley:  ok sorry  for that :< my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I think mine look more or less like that, too… except that when I do the underpass, I’m actually launching the yoyo a bit and going faster. Maybe that’s the only difference? Momentum and smoothness of the non-throw hand?

They also look better with less string. Not sure how you can have shorter string until you’ve already done a few, though, and by then you’re about ready to go to the next part of the combo. :wink:

Now for the video where they look perfect to you! :wink:

For that second throw, try to shoot the yoyo forward and up a bit, and launch it into that string pretty hard.

Hope this helps! :wink: