RIP Steve Jobs

Title says all…


my mom just read this to me lol, but its so sad :’(

This is genuinely a sad day. I have always been and remain to this day a Mac man. Steve Jobs did more for developing an industry granting each of us the opportunity to have a computer ready at our fingertips 24/7 than nearly any other individual. Much of what Bill Gates brought to the PC side were innovations he was inspired towards by looking over Steve Jobs shoulder.

RIP indeed Steve Jobs. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude.

wow…just wow…great loss…

he was a great visionary and we will never forget him :’( :’( :’( :’(

He was a great sales man…with great skill at marketing, sleeks products….well designed…and with out a survey …some of the gushing comments I am reading around the interweb are a little over the top….he did not cure cancer …obviously…he sold you fancy gadgets you really didn’t need…but now can’t do with out….and he was a great philanthropists…which so many rich people are not….but he was no Thomas Edison….

Wow popdada…where did that post come from?

Steve Jobs developed the GUI system, (Graphic User Interface), where the individual home desktop computer user could use a mouse to point and click on icons on the computer screen rather than type in complicated DOS codes to navigate through their system.

Granted, there are individuals who could articulate computer history better than I. However, to say Steve was just a effective slick salesman with great marketing skills hawking “fancy gadgets” no one really needed is to fall far short of recognizing Mr. Jobs enormous contribution to the desktop computer industry. He was not a “Johnny-Come-Lately” who simply introduced slick electronic toys to the already existing home computer market. He was a hugely influential pioneer in what was up until he entered the picture a fledgling industry.

“…he was no Thomas Edison…?” Perhaps not, history will judge how he will be remembered. However, I find your remarks unnecessarily disrespectful and greatly falling short of recognizing his tremendous contribution as a groundbreaking innovator who lead the way in taking the computer from an elephantine piece of equipment relegated to office buildings granting massive amounts of space for its placement and bringing to our homes to sit on our desk.

Steve Jobs well deserves the esteem and admiration he is granted around the world this evening.

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I’m not really a mac guy myself, but I can’t ignore the fact that he contributed a phenomenal amount to the growth of the computer. His contributions helped mold what we have today. Pushed technology forward. all that jazz.
That, and I really like my itouch, and soon to be iphone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was not posting about comments made here… and I know what steve jobs did for home computers…I am speak of things I see posted around the interweb that make it seem like the dalai lama was dead…

Actual, I believe the GUI concept was developed by the Xerox PARC research center.

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Thank you jhb8426 for this informative link. I stand corrected in my understanding of the development of the GUI concept. This article certainly clarifies what had been apparently related to me incorrectly years ago. As I said, there are certainly many who understand contemporary computer history better than I.

I am still going to resist any inference that Steve Jobs was simply a smarmy hawker who simply put a slick polished exterior on products someone else had actually developed. The founding of Apple and the introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984 revolutionized the industry. The Mac’s operating system has certainly always stood apart from their competitors and continues to outpace the development of Windows systems at Microsoft, who I believe are still catching up. That I am aware is an opinionated statement capable of sparking a grassfire of debate not appropriate to this forum. I am not interested in entering that fray.

I carry no quarter for Steve Jobs or Apple necessarily. I simply hope to remember the man with the appropriate props and accolades due him upon his death. Apple shoved him aside as CEO a number of years ago and quickly learned they were floundering without him at the helm. He was much more than a polished snake oil salesman peddling modified wares actually invented by others. That is simply not true and an unfair portrayal of his contribution to and leadership in the industry.

(Plus I really like my iMac.)

I am a apple and Mac fanatic all the way! I really loved the way Steve gave his presentations. I will miss him. I really hope Tim Cook will keep the vision going. RipSteveJobs

In the early 1990s, Frauenhofer developed the first, however, unsuccessful MP3 player. In 1997, developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the AMP MP3 Playback Engine, the first successful MP3 player. Two university students, Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev ported AMP to Windows and created Winamp. In 1998, Winamp became a free MP3 music player boosting the success of MP3. No licensing fees are required to use an MP3 player.

There was a long race between Motorola and Bell Labs to produce the first portable mobile phone. Cooper is the first inventor named on “Radio telephone system” filed on October 17, 1973 with the US Patent Office and later issued as US Patent 3,906,166.[14] John F. Mitchell, Motorola’s chief of portable communication products (and Cooper’s boss) was also named on the patent. He successfully pushed Motorola to develop wireless communication products that would be small enough to use anywhere and participated in the design of the cellular phone

About 40 years ago, tech legend Alan Kay invented the idea of a lightweight tablet computer

just saying…

I own a macbook pro, my wife has an iMac, we both have iPhones, we both have iPads, it is safe to say that we are part of the “cult” and hearing this news today made us both very sad. I actually had to get off the phone with my Dad when I heard the news and gather myself for a minute or two. Not that I have ever met the man, but that so much of what I do, the ease of how I do it, and the things that I can do now that I couldn’t do even 2 years ago, is amazing and I owe that to the visionary named Steve Jobs and the talented people at Apple.

Like the other poster said about live without? I wouldn’t want to live without my MobileMe (soon to be iCloud) and my iPhone and iPad sure I could get a PC but boy do I hate those things now haha. I would put Steve Jobs in the same boat as Edison as I think he revolutionized the way that we communicate and interact with the world around us. It is through the iOS system that so many apps and people can become creative and design some of the most amazing things that consume our every waking moment and thoughts…yes it is safe to say…without Steve Jobs…we would not have Angry Birds. That is not a world of which I would like to live in.

Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, that doesn’t make his contribution less important.

Steve Jobs change the world, period. He wasn’t perfect, nobody is, but he accomplished some monumental things from which we all benefit and will continue to benefit for many years to come.

RIP Steve.


I’ll probably get crap for this, but…

I wanna pray for him but its hard to find a church without any WINDOWS. It doesn’t matter though, I know he’s up there in the GATES of heaven.
Oh what is it too ZUNE for jokes?

Booooo, dynikus… :wink:

Steve Jobs Has 313 Patents To His Name…

Edison 1,093…successful…

Shortly before the iPad tablet went on sale last year, Steven P. Jobsshowed off Apple’s latest creation to a small group of journalists. One asked what consumer and market research Apple had done to guide the development of the new product.

“None,” Mr. Jobs replied. “It isn’t the consumers’ job to know what they want.”

Mr Jobs did what he did better than anyone…as I said in first post it is a great loss…but he was selling you a product…he was not trying to save mankind…he wanted to make lots of money…and he did…he had a gift and trusted his vision…and market skills…there is nothing wrong with that…

He left a great legacy. Everyone watch his speech from 05 at stanford. (Just Youtube it) He was a great Intuitive thinker. He will be missed.

I guess I’ll start;

We’ll miss you Steve, you have given us some great things. Demonstrations won’t be the same without you.