language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate

subject to laughter or ridicule;

!language or behaviour intended to humiliate or mock; derision
!to make fun of, mock, or deride

Hello good people of YoYoExpert. It’s you favorite dictionary Q here again with this weeks word.

As in all of my posts, this is not intended to hurt anyones feelings, and is based on what I see happening in the community.
That being said, to really grasp the concept of this post, I feel that some people should read my first in this mini-series of posts called Respect: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,15649.0.html

Well, first off. Us yoyoers are really really apt to getting ridiculed. We spend huge loads of money on things that people see as kids’ toys. We can’t ever change that. And we must respect the fact that they don’t know the world of yoyoing as we do. we will always get made fun of for spending money on metal yoyos. People hate what they don’t know or can’t do. Again. We won’t change that.

While people on the “outside” don’t understand what we do, people on the “inside” do.
Us yoyoers are a pretty tight knit clan of people. There aren’t many of us around at all. Sure, over a million people throw and whatnot, but amongst six billion people, that’s not a very impressive number. Every guitarist out there knows another guitarist, as is the case with a lot of other hobbies. So They don’t feel the sense of community that we do.
That being said. we can’t really afford to be a community at each other’s throats all the time. The thing that makes us awesome is also the thing thatr makes us …not awesome. There aren’t many of us out there. Every member counts. We don’t know which yoyoer could be the one to make the most awesome trick ever. There are great people just waiting to emerge.

Guys, we have to try to get along. I’ve preached this before.

I’ve been seeing suggestions from amazing people get tossed aside as junk because it wasn’t what the person wanted to hear. Guys, if somebody gives you advice that you don’t like, thank them anyway. I don’t care if they told you to light your string on fire in the middle of a performance, just thank them and move on. Heck, even try what they are trying to tell you (Well, not that, just, apply it to your own situation. I don’t condone lighting strings on fire. They just melt anyway.) you never know what crazy outlandish advice will take your old stale routine to a Worlds winning routine. Be open to everything.

And guys, don’t be complete jerks when you’re answering questions and making points about things. Yeah, you know it, they don’t. But you never know. The toes you step on today could be the bum,s you have to kiss tommorrow. Just remember that.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I am a jerk in the forums. I’m like a junkie preaching to the choir here. But when I am a jerk about things, it’s usually to get the point across a little bit clearer. Let’s face it, a lot of our members are stubborn and need a kck in the butt every now and agian.

That’s all I have to say about that.

-Quinton Haley

Saving the world one post at a time.

(DISCLAIMER: The statistics in this post were completely made up. I have no clue how many people yoyo.)


not again…jk, it’s nice of you to take the time to make these posts. On that notice…

Cotton strings burn. :wink:

Yay for thought-out posts with proper grammar and punctuation!

Q, you just ahead of your time… :slight_smile:

yes i have to admit, dealing with people outside our community, can sometimes be a stressful conversation. . .
at least it happened to me. . .

well, to tell the truth, almost all people at least have one hobby. And most of the time, they think that what they do as their hobby is the most important, most interesting, most enjoyable, and most worthed thing to do, as some of us think of yoyoing.
that could be the greatest obstacle when we try to discuss yoyoing with people outside our community.

that being said.
did you know that RC fuel is cost 100$ a gallon?
a macross YF-19 1/60 Valkrie transformable model from yamato is cost more than 180$?
a 1/60 perfect grade gundam plastic model kit from bandai is cost up to 200$?
an air soft gun can cost up to 1000$?
and so on…

and maybe most of you guys wont think it important an just waste of money.
and people who do that hobby would think the other way around.

This post has almost perfect grammar. You see, the word “us” is used as an object in a sentence. Q used it as the subject, as in “Us yoyoers”. The correct way would be “We yoyoers”. I <3 Grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

But that aside, this post has very good messages.

Amazing post Q! :slight_smile: Plus, yays for mini series. :smiley:


BTW, awesome post, and completely relevant as to what I’ve been seeing these past few days.

Airsoft guns aren’t that bad, actually. Tokyo Marui (high end guns) usually only cost around two or three hundred USD. Still more than yoyos though.

Finally! i’m glad someone finally took the time to write out something like this. Lets make this forum feel like MWR: everyone is friendly and willing to give advice.