Something happened the other day.

I’ll just get right to it.  After changing my clothes before gym, I went outside and started yo-yoing and talking to some friends while we waited for the teacher.  As I was yo-yoing, a kid snuck up behind me and pulled down my shorts while I wasn’t paying attention.  

I played it off, he laughed at me, I cursed him in a “friendly” manner.  Now, there are many good words to describe this kid, one of which starting with an “a”, but the most appropriate being “jerkface”, with the words, “idiotic” and “cocky” in front of it.  However, this is not the point.  The point is, as a yoyoer, you WILL encounter people like this.  They WILL challenge and ridicule you.  You, under NO circumstances, should allow them to get to you.

Especially in high school, and middle school, yo-yoing is often considered to be a “geeky” and “nerdy” hobby.  Even if you are skillful in the craft, immature and stupid people will often refuse to accept it as anything that shouldn’t be made fun of.  These people are not worth your time.  Don’t stoop to their level.  Don’t argue with them. Don’t fight them.  The best thing to do is, if you can, to just play it off.  If you can’t, then just ignore them.

Ignore the idiots. Don’t stoop to their level. They are below you. Be proud to be a yoyoer.


EDIT: Let me make this more clear. I am talking about immature and stupid people, which, thankfully, is not everyone.


people in my middle school respect yoyoers actually…

I agree that it was childish on his part but sometimes there can be a greater good from pantsin someone…

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