I walked into a store.
And bought a jacket.
Miraculously, I went home and painted this jacket.
And I went outside.
Sadly it rained.
Eventually, I returned the jacket and got a burrito
Yellow corn tomalito
For gosh sakes, you know what? it tasted good.
Only cost 5 bucks
X 2 for the drink and side salad. But so worth it. Amazing…

Ya know its true.

I once knew a guy named Xander
Amazingly, he fell into a pit of pasta
Much screaming was heard
And nobody helped him out
For sure people wanted to
Only time would tell if anyone would
Xander died that day

How long till people realise?
A virtue of us, not to help those who fell into pasta
How long?
And will it ever end?

The end.

How many times can a airplane crash
And if it crashes
Till what time does it handle its death?
Never again?
Only time will tell.
Wonder on young wanderer…

Im still waiting for someone to get one of these, I could have sworn I had two others but they dissapeared for no reason, or maybe they didnt go through, Im not sure.

Lost like a feather in the wind
You stop and ponder
Always will this remain?
Where does the longing end?
And for who will be the one to stop it?
Young forever, or old for eternity.

For real, I dont think anyone has gotten these yet, and now Im 100% sure that the last one I posted was deleted by mistake or something.
If there is any doubt these are jokes, I invite you to message me so you can understand whats going on, but I want to see who can get these.



Were the others acrostics too? This one is flyaway. I don’t see how it is funny but definitly poetic…

I get it! ;D
Yes Josh you are a sexy fox!


which ones?

I posted these in the joke and pun thread.
And they kept getting removed apparently.
And a mod took them all and made this post,

I want an explanation please, I want a full explanation as to why these could not have been posted in that thread. I was waiting for someone to catch on, and these fit perfect. I don’t get it, and I am ready and willing to have a nice talk in an adult matter as to why this is done. Im not looking to be hostile, only looking for some answers.

Thank you.


They were moved because they are not jokes or puns.
End of story.

Joke: A thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, esp. a story with a funny punchline.

There were meant to cause amusement and to some laughter, and I know some I spoke with did.

Im not trying to cause anything, Im just pointing out that it didn’t make sense for it to be moved to its own thread and deleted off the main thread. Im not upset about it, was just confused.


HEYYYY i laughed at these!

me too!

Whats blue and smells like red paint?

Blue paint! :stuck_out_tongue:

whats green fuzzy and has legs and if it fell out of a tree would kill you?

a pool table

whats green and has wheels?

Grass i was kidding about the wheels

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck was chuck norris?

all of it and more

An antelope saw a deer.
It died.
A deer saw an antelope
It cried.
A moose fell down in the meadow
It sighed.
A mountain goat fell into a volcano
It fried.
The black panther watched all of this.
It went along for the ride.