Rewind USA package missing

Hi guys!

I need your help!
I ordered a yoyo and strings from RewindUSA site and I got my tracking number, but that was 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t changed yet.
The site owner doesn’t aswer me. I wrote him 3 emails.

Can somebody please help me?

Have you tried calling them? There’s an 855 number under Contact Us on their website.

Odds are it’s one of those inevitable USPS delays and it will show up sooner or later. If it’s in the mail system, not sure what the store can do about it.

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I am living in Europe… it will cost more to call them than the package. but thanks :blush:

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I recently had a package I sent from the US to Europe via USPS get stuck on the same stage of tracking for weeks before arriving. I’ve also been having that happen to a lot of domestic packages for a lesser period of time but still a week plus. You should give it a bit longer maybe.

Well, in that event all I can say is wait. All sounds pretty par for the course for the last year and a half…

Are 855 phone numbers not toll free in Europe?
I’m legit asking, as I have no idea.
Sorry for the tangent.

Just saw you’re international and ordered from Rewind USA. Are you aware of any travel restrictions to your country from the US at the moment? That could be a reason for the delay. I shipped a synthesizer to australia last year that took over 4 months to get through customs due to travel restrictions.


It could easily be stuck in customs. And if it was sent via USPS I believe their tracking stops when it leaves the country.


if it was sent via USPS I believe their tracking stops when it leaves the country.

generally true, but last July USPS implemented a program called E-DELCON, which lets a small subset of countries’s postal services update the tracking data in USPS’s system, so it can be tracked to the door.

Australia Hong Kong New Zealand
Belarus Iceland Poland
Belgium Indonesia Portugal
Canada Israel Republic of Georgia
Croatia Japan Romania
Cyprus Lebanon Singapore
Denmark Lithuania Thailand
Estonia Luxembourg Turkey
France Malaysia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Germany Malta
Gibraltar Netherlands is also useful, it will use the destination’s postal service tracking and output info from it as well, I’ve used it to track Russian origin packages before they arrived in the USA.


His location isn’t included in that list. But good to know in any event.

I had a package in USPS Limbo about a month still showed Chicago on my tracking when it landed on my doorstep. So don’t worry too much jt will reach you eventually. 2 weeks is pretty normal for an usps international order Nowadays.