Reviewing the rest of the GRYC string lineup

Having already reviewed GRYC Powercords(t), I thought ti was time to review the rest of the lineup. I’ve been busy, so my apologies to Jake for the delay.

Powercord(L) - The L stands for loose. They’re only really loose in comparison to Powercord(t). That’s a good thing. These have a similar feel to Powercords(t), but they’re slightly softer and not quite as heavy which causes them to whip a little slower. However, compared to regular poly, the whips are fast and the string is stiff, permitting nice, big loops for suicides and slacks, and binds are snappy and clean. The tension consistency is top notch. Durability is on par with Powercord(t), which means you should get a good 8 hours or more from this string, maybe lots more if you wash and reuse it. (I have some GRYC string I’ve been meaning to wash and reuse. I haven’t tried it yet, but rumor has it, it works like a charm.)

Diamond Series Thin - This is GRYC’s regular poly series. For me, it was pretty okay but nothing to get too excited about except for one thing - this stuff is the second softest string I’ve ever tried. If you have sensitive hands, this may be a godsend for you. It plays better than standard poly. the binds are consistently tight, tension is held nicely, and it is a controllable string. Durability is considerably better than regular poly at about 3-4 hours.

Diamond Series Thick - I found this to be a very different string from its thinner counterpart. First off, this is the softest string I have ever played. I want a blanket made from it. Initially, I didn’t like it. It was fat and floaty and whipped way too slow compared to the Powercords(t) I’d come to love. Then, one day, I just clicked with it. Yes, the whips and slacks are slow, but they’re really easy to follow and, because mine test string was orange, very visible. This string would be excellent for beginners who are venturing into more complex trick territory. I can’t stress the usefulness of the visibility of this string enough for newer players. Not only that, but it will make learning to bind a much easier process as it fills the gap without being grabby. I’m not in to looping, but I have an idea this string would be ideal for that, as well. The durability of this string also makes it an excellent value.

Pure Gold/White Gold - I’m reviewing these two together, because I had very similar experiences with both of them. I believe this is an all nylon string. I don’t care for this style of string. It’s just my personal preference. Maybe it’s because I have fat fingers, but I can’t get this stuff to stay on my finger. I also struggle to maintain neutral tension with this style of string. Maybe it takes time to learn become accustomed to it. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. All of that being said, there is no doubting the quality of this product, or what it may be capable of in the right hands. I tried Dragon string and didn’t like it. GRYC Gold string ha s similar feel. It’s dense and silky and I’m sure fans of Toxic Dragon string will love it.

If anyone has any questions or would like to place an order, you can contact GRYC via email:

EDIT: In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not getting anything for writing these reviews. Unless you count the samples I was given to test. Jake is a nice guy, but he’s not stupid. I just placed an order this weekend and I paid full price.