GRYC vs. Big YoYo String

I’ve had the opportunity in the last month to test out string made by both of these companies. I’ll keep this short and topical.

GRYC: professionally twisted, packed well, shipped in a timely fashion. This string (Powercord t), is stiff, weighty, holds tension exceedingly well, and makes huge loops for suicides, etc. It whips fast and the weight makes slacks easier. I’ve had the same string on two different yoyos for a few weeks. It needs washed, but otherwise still functions well with little sign of wear. I’m interested in seeing what it will be like after washing. I am anticipating little or no change in play. This is an excellent string, marketed at a reasonable price point, with durability to spare. You will get bang for your buck. With more formulas being added, I expect GRYC will have something for everyone soon enough.

Big YoYo String: From what I understand, BYY is no stranger to the string game. I spent some time in the last year where I didn’t throw much, so I’m a little behind on who’s who.

Out of the sample pack (shipped fast and decorated with red duct tape :)) I’ve only tried Type 1. Why? Because it isn’t worn out yet. I’ve got a good 5 or 6 hours on this string and it’s starting to get a little fuzzy but it still has good tension properties. It’s softer and a tad thicker than GRYC string, by comparison. It, too, has excellent weight and stiffness for whips/slacks/suicides. The nice blue color is still bold and strong. I actually expected it to fade with time. I’m also interested in seeing what effect a wash will have on this string. BYY, as a brand, has an excellent presence and a great attitude. They have several types to choose from to suit your personal tastes. BYY also offers their product at a reasonable price point.

Both of these string companies are making incredible products. I’m actually torn over which I like more. In terms of value, it’s a tie. Durability in string is a wonderful thing. My choice in string may come down to which string I like in which yoyo. I can recommend both brands with unequivocal confidence in the performance and value of their products.

Thanks for the review (I’m sure the other Jake is thankful too)

I sent a tester pack of the other 5 types of string that I make to all of the testers earlier this week. You should have fun with those.

I’m looking forward to it.