GRYC string review. My humble opinions.


Just a heads up.
Okay, so I don’t do reviews much, so I’m not the best reviewer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, to the review.

GRYC is an upcoming great priced quality string company. Jake Elliot is a very nice guy and he had great customer service.

The Strings:

Diamond Series Thin:

Before the Throw:

Color - I got an orange string. Wow, such a vibrant color, so good looking, already love these strings. 9/10
Feel - These strings are very soft, great for beginners to build there callouses slowly, and to not cut their fingers. Just a little soft for me though. 7/10
Length - Wow, Jake knows what he’s doing. He makes his strings extra long so that you can choose a variety of lengths to suit your fancy. 10/10

On the Throw:

Whips - These strings whip averagely (Like Kitty Regular), very good for beginners. They are very controllable. 9/10
Slacks - The same as whips, mediocre, but very controllable, great for beginners to learn slacks. 9/10
Overall Tension - Holds tension nicely, but after a lot of use it loses its amazing tension. 8/10
Length - Like I said before, the string comes extra long for the perfect choice of string length for you. 10/10
Bounce - This string doesn’t have the craziest bounce, it’s slow, but I still like it. 8/10
Play - The string glides smoothly across your fingers, it’s soft, which is great for beginners, but, it’s a little too soft for me. 8/10
Longevity - They last longer that stock string, (Like the ones sold on YYE), but not crazy long like other strings. 8/10

Overall Score - 86/100

Diamond Series Thick:

Before the throw:

Color - Wow, my favorite color strings, a vibrant neon yellow. 10/10
Feel - These strings are very soft, I love the feel of them. 9/10
Length - Wow, Jake knows what he’s doing. He makes his strings extra long so that you can choose a variety of lengths to suit your needs. 10/10

On the throw:

Whips - Slower than the thin version, but incredibly controllable, I like these strings even more than the thin version. 9/10
Slacks - Same as whips, slow, controllable, I’m loving them. 9/10
Overall tension - Wow, the strings just keep tension so perfectly, the open up on suicides perfectly. 10/10
Length - These strings are made extra long for great room to cut your strings. 10/10
Bounce - Wow, actually, these things are pretty bouncy, not crazy bouncy though they are so awesome! 8/10
Play - These strings float across your fingers, they’re soft, and they’re great for beginners. 9/10
Longevity - They basically last as long as the thin version, 8/10.

Overall Score - 92/100

Powercord Series (L):

Before the Throw:

Color – Pink, what can I say? I love pink strings, goes so well with other colors. :stuck_out_tongue: Vibrant, so that you can see the string perfectly. 10/10
Feel – Soft, really soft, feels awesome. Should be great for slacks, whips, etc. Not to thick, but not too thin, the perfect thickness. 9/10
Length – As like Jake’s other strings, the length of the string is extra long for the ability to choose the exact length you need. 10/10

On the Throw:

Whips – Wow, this is definitely my favorite string ever. It whips perfectly for me, you can make it go fast or you can make it go slow, it’s just amazing. 10/10
Slacks – Wow, unbelievable. As the same for whips, it is just perfect, not too fast, not too slow. 10/10
Overall Tension – Of all of the strings that Jake makes, I think this one holds tension the best, it’s just amazing! Suicides are just a breeze! 10/10
Length – Like I said before, the length of the strings is totally customizable, they are longer than average strings so that you can cut the string to the perfect length. 10/10
Bounce – Wow, this is awesome, it’s just perfect, my wrist doesn’t hurt after a long time of play. (Unlike other strings) 9/10
Play – This string makes me feel like a professional, it has the perfect softness and it holds tension very well.
Longevity – Actually, these strings last an extraordinary amount of time. Much longer than stock factory string. 9/10

Overall Score: 97/100

Gold Series – Pure Gold

Before the throw:

Color - Wow, shiny yellow, that color is amazing! Even though it’s not my favorite color, it does stand out. It’s very visible. 8/10
Feel – Hmm, it has a very weird feeling to it, very ‘Slick’ if that’s the right word. Feels as though it will be very fast at slack and whips. 7/10
Length – Like all of the other strings (Made by GRYC), it is extra long for the ability to cut the string to your preferred length. 10/10

On the throw:

Whips - I was correct in my assumption earlier. These strings whip super fast, though they are still able to be controlled. A little too fast for my liking. 7/10
Slacks - Same as whips, they are super fast, still controllable, but still, really fast. I prefer slower strings. :stuck_out_tongue: 7/10
Overall tension - I found these string to not hold tension that well, it’s controllable, but it sort of gets on my nerves. 6/10
Length - Like all of the other strings, the string is extra long for the perfect choice of your string length. 10/10
Bounce - In this area, these strings do pretty well. They are pretty bouncy, I love them for that. 9/10
Play - Even though the string feels weird, it still play very well. It might not suit my preferences, but, it plays very well. 8/10
Longevity – These strings are meant to last long, and when I say that, I mean it, they literally last forever. 10/10

Overall score: 84/100

Gold Series – White Gold:

Before the throw:

Color – A nice light green and white, very appealing. 9/10
Feel - A little thinner than the Pure Gold, but they don’t have the weird feeling like the Pure Gold, they should play great! They are stiff, after some play they should get softer. 10/10
Length – Like all of the strings, they come extra long for the choice of the perfect string length 10/10

On the throw:

Whips – Whips are controllable, fast, but more controllable than the Pure Gold in my humble opinion. They have a little less control than normal factory polyester 8/10
Slacks – Same as whips, fast and controllable. 8/10
Overall tension – Holds tension very well, suicides are very easy. :slight_smile: 9/10
Length – The string is very long for the choice of whatever length you like. 10/10
Bounce – These strings have a nice bounce, I like it. Makes me feel like a professional. :stuck_out_tongue: 9/10
Play – These strings are stiff in the beginning and get softer with play, they slide across fingers easily and whip fast. 9/10
Longevity – These strings, like the Pure Gold version, last a super long time. 10/10

Overall score: 92/100

To sum it up, GRYC make quality strings. So buy some now! ;D


97/100 on a string? I’m blushing.

Interesting review you had on the pure gold strings - most people say that they have little to no bounce. Not sure what happened there.

Oh, and for the record, Diamond strings are way better now. I’ve been working for MONTHS to get them just right, and I finally figured out a very small, but very crucial change in the twisting process that makes them hold tension much better and last much longer.

Thanks for the review Shadow, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

And if anyone wants to pick up some string, check out my sig :slight_smile:


Should I change that then?


No - it was your experience with the string. Some people have different definitions of certain characteristics and view how strings play differently.



Thanks for the input!


I haven’t had a chance to try out the third batch of strings yet, but this revew lit a bit of a fire under me, I really need to get goin on it. But so far my experiences with the string you sent me esp the second batch is that they last a really really long time, and are really well made, good job!


Yeah he’s really mastering this string making stuff. :slight_smile: