Review on Y0Y0SR2PRO's Bearing Treating


I sent Y0Y02R2PR0 3 bearings to treat, a barely spinning, gritty spec, a responsive spec x, and a normal spec. After receiving them, I am greatly impressed! The bearings are smooth, quiet, and completely unresponsive. I highly recommend sending a few bearings to him to get treated, you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions regarding how the bearings play, feel free to ask.


Thanks man hope you like it share the words and peeps PM me for free treatment while supplies last need more reviews please have safe shipping


What did he use exactly? Industrial cleaning solvents like Mercury Bearings?


I would assume not. It is my understanding industrial cleaning solvents aren’t too safe to just be using.

But, I’m curious to see what yoyosr2pro says about it. I’d be interested as long as it isn’t industrial cleaning solvents.


Not really sure What he used, he said that he cleaned it normal, then used a dry coating. I asked if it was terrapin dry lube and he said no. I have terrapin dry lubed bearings and these play much quieter than the terrapin dry lubed bearings.


its a home made type solution that uses a dry agent, viscosity lubricant and a secret ingredient. I made it after noticing all my yoyos at one time or another start to make noise. Before the bearing gets coated it gets a intense washing through multiple solvents and finally after it gets lubed goes to a dremel until playing fast and silent and unresponsive.


Silent, you say?


I shouldn’t say silent but pretty quiet lol


It is very quiet, maybe a little louder than a brand new One Drop 10 ball.


You don’t want to break in bearings using a dremel. It can mess up the bearing


I don’t do it on the dremel. I put it on a spare side effect I have and hold it in then steadily spin it from low to high speed till it plays and sounds the way I like it. I used to put it directly on the dremel but sometimes the bearing would fly if it wasn’t secure enough. From what experience I have haven’t had problems with my current method 17 out of 20 bearings improved in playability the three that didn’t improve were either rusted or beyond repair.


Bearings have different tolerances. Quality bearings shouldn’t be ruinated by spinning them at high speed; that’s what they were made for!


I don’t do it at a high high speed its about or lower than a yoyos rotation. If the dremel is a big deal breaker I’ll just break them in naturally through play may take longer though.


Nah, I’m saying the opposite: the dremel is probably just fine, as long as the bearing isn’t a complete piece of garbage.


I just like to say I really like the treated bearing he sent me. I’m not sure what his process is but whatever it is it working. I have been using one of his bearing and its great. It really quiet and smooth. Might take a while before it get loud again.