Review on 2009 orange eight/8/eight

Ok, so today I went to A2Z and bought a 2009 orange eight/8/eight. $129 is a good deal. This yoyo has won many titles, and is very popular.

Size: 10/10 Good size, small, not undersized. Classic. Feels good.

Looks: 10/10 Very good annodization, smooth feel, has every bell and whistle you can think of.

Play: 10/10 VERY smooth, long spin times. Hubstacks are perfect. I can’t put this down for a second. Good Spec Bearing. Unresponsive.

Feel: 10/10 Smooth, rich annodization. Metal is awesome!

Quality: 10/10 Best yoyo out there! I’d reccomend it to anybody who is looking for a new step.

Price: 8/10 Here on YYE, it sells for $119.99, at A2Z, it was $129.99, as much as the SuperStar.

Overall: 100/10 (Ok, 10/10 ;)) AMAZING yoyo! I mean it when I say it. It is my new favorite yoyo. Personally, I think it is a lot better that the SuperStar! :wink:

This is an amazing yoyo, and you should go out and buy one yourself! :slight_smile: Is it worth it? YES!

Did you get the splash? If you did then the splash is worth $130 and regular is worth $120. Good review tho!

No. A2Z sells them for $10 more. Weird…

A2Z has to up the prices a bit to stay in business. That extra $10 helps them stock a larger number of products ^^ Nice review, the '09 888 is my favorite as well. The only part of your review that I feel is odd is the size. It is DEFINITELY undersized in my opinion. The diameter is right around 50 MM which is honestly, tiny. Were you referring to the fact that it’s very wide even though the diameter is small when you called it not undersized? Just wondering. Good stuff, enjoy it!

Yes, it is undersized, even if it fells big in your hands, it isn’t considered big.
Anyways, nice review.