Review of Nor Cal Inspired String

Humboldt Honey:

This string doesn’t immediately strike me as being different. At first glance it just seems like another generic 100% polyester string. With that being said, upon closer inspection you start to notice that it has its own special character. This string is much softer than any of the generic polyester strings and as such it feels great on the fingers. Humboldt Honey is a great looking string. With its half green half yellow twisting pattern it really catches your eye even when sitting in your case.

The biggest difference between this string and some generic polyester string is thickness. Humboldt Honey is much thinner than a generic polyester string. This has its own trade-offs. It is difficult to bind on yo-yos with C bearings and large gaps. This string made my Superstar mostly useless. Remember, I never said the thinness of this string was a bad thing; it has a trade-off. This string plays amazingly in A bearing yo-yos. Humboldt Honey feels right at home on the FHZ providing snag-free play and consistent binds. If you only use yo-yos with huge gaps I suggest that you use a different string; if you want a string for small bearing yo-yos, look no further.

Perfect for: small bearing yo-yos.

Mendocino Moma:

This string is quite similar to Humboldt Honey. It’s 100% polyester and soft right from the start. With a basic dark blue color this string is no-frills and lets its play do the talking. It handles slacks, whips, and lacerations with ease. Large bearing yo-yos willl love this string in much the same way that small bearing yo-yos love Humboldt Honey and vice versa. If you only use yo-yos with small bearings I suggest that you use a different string; if you want a string for large bearing yo-yos, look no further.

Perfect for: large bearing yo-yos

Sonoma Valley Girl:

This string is interesting to say the least. It is a dull blue color with a metallic red streak running through it. The metallic thread gives Sonoma Valley Girl a backbone providing stiffness. Whips, slacks, and lacerations are made easy with this string. Loops for slack tricks open nicely. It also holds tension amazingly. In all my throwing with this string I have had to adjust the string tension maybe once. The one downside to all of this is finger pain. You will need good calluses on your finger for this string. If you don’t, this string will eat your fingers up. After breaking the string in, the pain starts to fade, but the string is much more noticeable on your fingers.

Perfect for: the masochist in you.

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i was thinking about getting some it looks pretty cool.

Wow I wish I could hit the thank you button like a thousand more times that is awesome, but on a side note (I can all my strings in a plethora of colors, but I’m glad you liked the strings I sent). Also how did you take these pictures they are awesome.

That is exactly how I felt when I put it on my FHZ.

Anyone looking for a great home-grown string, these are were its at!!!

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Using my lightbox, combined with taking around thirty pictures to get just the right one and a few after effects with PDN.

I didn’t have a problem binding with thin humbholt honeys?