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Hey guys!

So, does anyone else ever have some shocking revelations, while they yoyo, get new yoyos, watch videos etc?

I Have a few :slight_smile:
I realized, I started placing the slipknot on both my ring and index fingers., It seems to provide for a stronger throw!
I also noticed, I’ve been fooling around a lot, with doing all my sidestyle, in a front throw.
I guess like, Sanchez and AlexVJ do.

And I Just figured out why I adore my Summit so much.
It gives me the same feeling of the Northstar.
This similar bouncy, feel. It just reminds me so much of the Northstar, My first love.

What are your stories?



Charles Haycock puts his slipknots on both his fingers! And I use really really long string if that counts… Like uncut Toxic Long.


Why did you have to say this… :frowning:

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What do you mean? :o


I’ve realised that despite owning CLYWs, YYRs, a Spyy, an Aero Yo and a General Yo, I just keep coming back to my YYF 7075 Doomsday Genesis. For me it is just the perfect yoyo. If I knew how much I’d love it I would have bought like 10 of them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I completely agree. The 7075 Genesis never fails to impress me. I can throw the best of YYR, and still pick-up the 7075 Genesis and be amazed at the performance; it always puts a smile on my face.

Fortunately for me, I realized how much I liked this yoyo when I bought the Gold 44-Clash version. When the Doomsday came out I knew I had the perfect throw for the office.

It really is that good.


I’ve recently started to play with my DM2 a lot, it’s an amazing throw. I only started to play with it because one of the caps were loose and was annoying. So I fixed it and I fell in love with it again.


lol It just really made me want one… :wink:

As if my wants list wasn’t long enough already!


This man speaks nothing but the truth!!! I love that they actually altered the shape slightly as well rather than it being exactly the same as the regular Genesis. I much prefer it, and the lack of an ugly axle hole is just awesome. This yoyo to me proves that YYF are capable of making throws that perform as well as (and in cases outperform) the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

I Envy you for picking up a 44 Clash Edition, missing out on those is my biggest regret since beginning to throw.

My current plan is to practice loads > win UK Nats > win EYYC > win Worlds > get sponsored by YoYoFactory… all just to convince them to make me a ‘signature’ 7075 new-shape Genesis.

Although it would be a lot easier if they could just find some random reason to make another one. Come on yoyofactory! How about the “Friday Genesis” to celebrate Fridays? I’d be happy with an “July Genesis”…? waits patiently

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Sorry! XD
I have 2 more on the way hehe
Summits that is! And a northstar


Slack and Whip tricks are easy to do the more gentle / smooth you do it , regardless of how the videos portray them.

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Getting out of a wrist mount “the fancy way” is possible and not magic.


If you aren’t getting a little frustrated then you aren’t learning.

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You can get a wrap of string around your TH and decide not to use it until later. This can provide slack later on in a trick. Or just unwrap it in addition to an already existing slack element for extra flair.

The general concept is found here:

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I never thought of that…
Wow, I guess this thread is teaching me much! :slight_smile: