Reveiw of RADICAL SEAS Seafoam pads.

Alright so i was one of the people that got to test the sea foam pads they made. here is my reveiw:

first impressions
when i first pulled them out of the envelope I i ran them through my fingers and the top was very rough almost as someone was going at them with an Xacto knife to make them thin, they were very rough But, i put them in my YYJ classic anyways and forgot about them. also the adhesive is good could be a little more stickier but I’m fine with them.

Play time with them
when i first put them in with my YYJ classic i put a new kitty string on them and went to town on them yoyo wise to break them in. Before the pads were broken in they gave some very nice tight binds and they handled almost everything i threw at them with out snagging the string or anything. However, as i started to break in the pads and the “foamy part” was starting to show in the pads my binds weren’t as tight as they were before break in. My binds started becoming slippery and not as solid with the yoyo even though i still had a new kitty string in my YYJ classic. Now after i was playing with them for a few hours the binds became slippery and felt as if it was old silicone in the yoyo.

final impressions
for Home made pads i find it very daring of the company to do this and very good attempt. However on a scale of Abby’s this is one of the messiest silicone jobs you have done (and i have done some really bad ones) to Wow the best thing in my yoyos. I give the pads a a decent silicone job rating. However, for my personal experiences if i had the chance to buy these pads again i would say no. I realize these are prototype pads but, they wear out too fast for me to buy them again. However the idea of foamy pads is interesting, it could have been better executed. I feel as if the bubbles in the pads kind of replicate the wear marks you get on old silicone in a yoyo showing that the pads or silicone job have worn out. :-\