Radical Seas Seafoam Response Pads Review

I recently received a tester pair of Radical Seas’ new response pads, the Seafoam pads, so I thought I’d give them a short little review

First Impressions:

These pads are a bit different than your standard CBC response. True to their name, they’re made of this weird teal-colored foam that has lots of microscopically tiny little bubbles in it. A definite departure from the standard solid silicone type pad.

General Comments:

When I popped these into my T’chotchkie, I was a bit worried. The pads are not as tall as standard CBC pads, they sit slightly recessed into the response groove. I tend to like slightly grippier response, so I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be able to grip as much as I like.

Unfortunately, I think my original worries were correct. These pads, in my opinion, are simply not tall enough. I’ve played them for a couple of hours now, hoping that they might break in and suddenly become grippy enough. So far, they haven’t. Every time I try to bind, it’ll slip once, and then when i try again, it’ll work. I’ve tried countless different binds, and it never seems to get it first time. Every once in a while, about once every 30 throws, I’ll get a really nice bind, but it’s a rare occurrence. This seems to tell me that these pads have a lot of potential, they’re just too short. It’s as if the pads arrived already worn down, with very little life left in them. I think if Radical Seas made them a tiny bit taller, at the same height as standard CBC pads, they’d be much, much better. But, as they currently are, I would not recommend them unless you prefer looser binds.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!

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exactly wat i felt about the OD 19mm pads

are any pads universal? i thought that many yoyos use different recesses for their response.

That’s correct, there is no standard recess for response, thus no universal pads. Various pads will fit some yoyos but nothing fits all.

OP, I also received a test pair of pads, but had the ccompletely opposite experienceas you did. I did put the pads in a shutter tthough. Review coming soon.

thanks for the review soviet!

the top layer is the closed cell finish, the underlining layer is the actual open cell foam. which works surprisingly well as a response surface.

I appreciate the honesty, sending the pads out to get a feel for the community’s thoughts was the intention.

im going to make a version that’s a tad bit taller, and then test a little more. it seems that a lot of people have had good experiences with them so far. but I think another .1mm or .2mm would do them good.

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The T’chotchkie’s groove might be a bit deeper than usual, I’ll have to try them out in a YYF and see how they work. I’ll update it when I do.

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I tried it on a yyf horizon and it was very slippery for me too. The pads wore out within 2 says for me.

Update. This is what the pads look like now. They’ve definitely worn in. And, unfortunately, they haven’t gotten better, they’ve just gotten worse. :frowning:

try sticking them on top of silicone so that they sit flush

I’m not going to do that. Silicone is great for me and I’m not going to go to the trouble of getting out the silicone only to add these unfortunately not very good pads on top of the perfectly good silicone. Sorry.

I meant if you were still testing the pad, instead of gone back to using the yoyo for your own interest.

The holes on one of the pads were so worn that when i took one of the pads out, it ripped. So no more testing even if I wanted to