Returning after 9 years - Upgrade Kits and do Kentaro Pads still exist?


Yo-yoing again after 9 years - mainly as therapy for my injured shoulder.

I have a few questions since the yo-yo world has changed:

My prefered friction sticker set up has always been 1 thin Dif Pad and 1 Kentaro pad for my Pyro. I don’t see either on the online shop - what are some good substitutes?

Does the new YYJ silicone stickers/bearing upgrade kits work on all classic YYJs? How much of an upgrade is it? I can use them on my mini motu, Dark Magic 1 and Hitman?

Are Terrapin X bearings worth the hype? Might pick one up for my Hitman if so.

Finally, is Difeo the only company that makes replacement bearings for Hspin? I like KonKaves but wondering if another company has released something newer like Terrapin X.

Dif pads:

(From the dif-e-yo yoyo product pull down, not the accessories/response pull down)

No info on kentaro pads.

The YYJ silicone stickers are direct replacements for o-rings.  You can get o-rings at the hardware store. The ugrade kit is just a pair of silicone stickers and a stock “C” size bearing. It will fit any YYJ that uses o-rings and the “C” bearing.

Terrapin bearing - mostly hype IMO. Parts is parts. If you have a bearing that works, leave it be. More expensive bearings won’t make you any better.

HSPIN bearings - any size D (5x11x5) bearing will fit and work fine.

Thank you.

Don’t bother with terrapin bearings, they are very hit and miss, some work fine (but not better than cheaper bearings, like Buddha or ctx), some barely spin and crunch more than a driveway made of rice krispies

Kentaro pads are dead