H-Spin Pyro Pads?

Anyone know what pads will fit my Pyro?It is orange and red w/ 1636 on the orange side.I have no idea what version or year.
It will not bind,only way is w/ a fat string.But my spin time sucks.Spins forever w/ a regular string.Pads on it now look like the black duncan friction stickers so I dont know if theyre original.I bought it used.Sweet throw,just cant bind it.
The ones on my Beysick are silicone.

It originally came with dif pads (std size), which you can get here. The Duncan sili pads (13.7 mm) will work too. Worn pads will also cause bad spins on release, as they are not imparting good spin to the yoyo. The beysick pads are different.

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Thanks alot,I went w/ the dif e yo pads.If they dont workout I’ll try the duncan.