retiring yoyo's

When do you decided to retire a yoyo.
I just had to retire my dv888 after stripping the threads in the body. Also it is beat up and is out classed by my new throws. So that is when I decided to retire it. If retapping goes well I might bring it out of retirement but if not. Buried in a cabinet it will stay.

the yoyo’s I am left with are a gnarwhal, metal drifter and a brand new dark magic 2, (PGM broke on a failed mod) Kids accept the risks when you mod your throws. I was ready to part with it though so yeah, no big deal

Pretty much when the thread is stripped.

What makes the thread strip?

unscrewing over time, fudging up a mod.(Which I kinda did), banging it against the ground

I’ve retired my Northstar and Protostar. The spacers/axels are worn pretty bad.

Poorly fitted (loose) axle, over-tightening, dinging.

Retiring a yoyo? Look after it and you will never need to do this. The only way to strip threads is due to negligence.

wear and use can do it to. and failed modding, but that is how you learn

Turn into a project, make it into something! Strip it, polish it, paint it, weld it! Make some art!


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I retired a yuuksta for the exact same reason. It was my first metal :frowning:

My no. 9 met a very sad end after dropping it a few hundred times. I will never use a yoyo with a short axle again. Too much of a risk.

Axle threads can be damaged when the axle is not screwed in straight, cross threading and damage to the thread over time can cause stripping. I did it with my first metal yoyo many moons ago. The simple fix? Yoyos have two sides, only one NEEDS to open. Take some crazy glue, a couple of drops on the axleand put it in the stripped side. Let it set before you screw it together/ put a bearing near it and retirement can be put off for a little longer.

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You can also use Loctite, which can be found in any stores automotive section. However, if you use that put it in right away, as it does not cure until it has been screwed in

I’ve never retired a yoyo because I’ve never ran tires on my yoyo’s (ba da da boom). Yeah I know, bad joke. Excuse me while I face palm myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

My yoyos just get tired of me and fall to pieces. After that I just say good-bye. :’( It hasn’t happened very often, mostly with old wood yoyos, but they’re among my favorites.

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Loctite is the brand. They make many types of adhesives. What you really want to say is to use thread lock. Also there are different strengths of thread lock. I’m not so sure how its categorized but I believe it is color coded (eg. Blue or red).

never … I sold them instead

And the current throw I own seem to be never- tired worker, these five got crazy ding, two even have a NaOH shower before but all work well enough for practicing.

my grind machine hubstack posts, got out of place and destroyed the plastic, it caused awful vibe. so into the drawer, part of retiring yoyo’s is if you have something to replace them and they are not worth anything on B/S/T