At contests I have been noticing something lately. Some of the good players don’t restart their yoyo very well. Restarts are important to know well, but some of the good players I see just don’t know how to do it in under five seconds. So how well do you have your restarts down?


One thing that i found weird is that a lot of the pros do a push start to regen and not many really use snap starts

(UmeNagisa) #3

I have a ton of restarts. most of which make it look as if i meant to stop the yoyo.
So I’d like to think I’m pretty cool xD


Snap starts take a little bit longer.


Mine are good except that one time I was on stage and everrthang became a blur. :wink: Snap starts don’t necessarily have to take longer, but there’s a higher risk factor: snap into the air and land in a bottom mount for the immediate bind.


Overall I must say that I’m an advocate of snap starts


Push starts have always been a little easier for me and, in my opinion, better looking. That’s not to say snap starts don’t look good, I just prefer the look of catching push starts they way they do. Also, I also agree that push starts are a bit safer as far as saving time and hitting the string, but with practice, the snap start is just as effective.


IMO, pros shouldn’t have to restart :wink:


I personally don’t you Snap starts, as you lose a crucial 2 seconds to your freestyle instead of one extra. It sounds silly, but it’s a BIG Difference


yep. But actually the point of the thread is to ask how well your restarts are (though snap starts vs. push starts isn’t actually a bad idea).


My restarts are usually push starts that are horrible :stuck_out_tongue:
It comes back halfway and i wind it up the other half.


I just tested a snap start on my CLYW AC2 and got a strong 50 seconds so i have no problem getting it back up quickly, although I remember taking a long time practicing this when I was a beginner :smiley:


I push start, because I can’t snap start…not the André way like snapping your fingers, anyway. Probably because I can’t actually snap my fingers normally.


One day I’ll learn to snap start.

But push starts are just super consistent, so they’re the way to go IMO. If you miss that snap start then you’ve lost even more time.


It truly depends on your ability to do both. I am at that point where my snap starts are super consistent and reliable, but my push starts are not really effective. And if you miss a push start you also do lose a good amount of time.


I never miss a snap start personally, and I prefer them more over push start because I can get more RPM and the shape of the yoyo doesn’t affect it as much. I only use push starts on offstring or responsive as it works better on these


I’m pretty sure shape effects snap starts more then push starts :stuck_out_tongue:


Not for me, the only shape that affects my snaps is looping shapes (slim width) and on those I push because they are responsive


Ok. Sooo…like…errr…

What’s a “push start?”



However, my Snap Starts are pretty good. But not wonderful