I was wanting an easy go to place to find cool ways to restart a yoyo. I figured why not here?
So start posting some ideas.



Is there already a thread like this?


Um… Snap starts, that weird thumb start, stomp start.

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DON’T STOMP START. I do the thumb start deal… It’s fairly simple.


You can do it on carpet and maybe even some hardwood floors as long as you don’t literally stomp on the yoyo.


Stomp start is fine lol. Just don’t be an idiot while doing it. :wink:


As long as you don’t do what the kid on the left did at 0:50, you’re good.


LOL, that was awesome. At least it looked like a plastic…


I either roll it off the palm of my string-had off to my finger tips or spin it one-handed (thanks for showing me that one Gregp!)


I find thumb starts the easiest and what I mainly use, snap starts KINDA look cooler but I dont think it’s worth practicing 10x more on it than the thumb start to get it smooth.


Look up the Gary Li snap start on YouTube.


What exactly is this “thumb start”?

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When I say thumb start, this is what I mean:

  1. Grip yoyo like so, with the string in the air r
  2. Pull the string tight so that it creates tension
  3. Release with your middle finger, and the yoyo should roll off of your thumb and spin because of that tension.

Hope that makes sense!
Btw the kid in that video made me wince lol


Oh okay, so that’s what you meant! Thanks for the pictures, I learned that one being called the quick start haha.

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Oh I see… I never really learned a name so I made one up haha


This is the first time I have not been on mobile for awhile:P


OK, so I’m an old man and just starting to yoyo. Never learned as a kid. Go figure. Anyhow, I’m using a Yomega Raider and can, of course make is sleep, do a forward pass, around the world, rock the baby, but I cannot for the life of me get that restart you are talking about with the thumb flick. I’ve been at it a week. Should I just give up and go back to my rocking chair, or can you offer any advice? How much practice does it take to get this thing? I’ve watched several videos on youtube, but just can’t get the hang of it. The yoyo just flies up in the air. Help out an old man (60) will you, please? ???


Well, It’s really hard to do the thumb start on the shape of yoyo that the Raider is. There’s no real catch zone, so your fingers are far apart, which makes it very hard to do. It can be done, it just takes practice. You may want to find other ways to start up the yoyo. When we talk about all these restarts, we’re mainly using unresponsive butterfly shaped yoyos. Like I said, with practice, most of them can be used for modified shape throws.

When the yoyo is flying in the air after you do the thumb thing, does the yoyo have any rotation on it? When it’s in the air, you’ll have to tug it to come back up. It won’t make the yoyo wind up all the way. It’ll give it enough momentum so you can tug it to come back up.

I would do the thing where you roll it off of your palm, then tug it bag up. Much easier on a responsive modified shaped yoyo.


thanks much for the reply! Yeah, I’m getting spin. Once in a great while it actually works. I was trying to get an idea of how difficult it was or if I was just blowing an easy trick. So your answer was really encouraging.
I’m not familiar with rolling it off the palm. Sounds simple, but I can’t make it work. Can you point me to a video of it?
thanks again. :slight_smile: