How to start a dead yoyo

Does anyone know how to start a dead yoyo other than snap starting it or the other way André tought us? Looks so difficult.

Well when im not wearing shoes or socks so lazy me starts it with my toe

Snap starting seems really hard and the first few days it feels like it’s impossible. But it’ll click. The key is how you place your fingers so you can really get some traction for a hard snap. It’s also helpful if you happen to have a yoyo with flat or nearly flat rims. Much easier to do that way. Yoyos with sharp edged rims like a Phenom or something are tougher, but still very possible once you get it down.

Practice it. It’s one of the best things to learn because it saves a lot of hassle when you’re practicing any other trick.

Seems fair. Maybe it’s hard for me since I’m using a YYF Velocity and it’s plastic with round wings. I don’t like it so much. I’m getting a DV888 on Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully and Im trying to see if the DV888 will be easier to do a snap start.

Is that even possible? Lol. Seems hard, but pretty freaking sweet! :smiley:

I like how mark montgomery does his “hand starting”, its not really a snap start so i had to think of something different. At about 1:09 he uses his fingers, not his thumb. which i like… its nothing special… but i still think its cool, and it goes with his style well.

thats how i’ve always started responsive or fixed axle yo-yos. It’s really easy and works well.

Another good one is JD’s grind start. You just put the yo-yo in your throwhand, and then push your non-throwhand over the top of the yo-yo to get it spinning. You can see it at around 2:57 here:

It might look kind of hard, but I actually think it’s easier than a snap start.

Couldn’t see the video/: 
The other video is pretty cool too. The hand starting is okay but the snap start is just better.

So there are a couple other ways. Wasn’t that what you asked in your OP? :slight_smile:

Me too - even in the responsive days that’s all I’ve been using to handstart. I actually prefer that kind of hand starting than to snapstart. Snapstarts look ridiculously ugly to me.

One of the best freestyles… Ever.

Turn on the key and press start…

That’s what I do, and it works great. And it’s super easy.

I like this one: at around 2:39 2:40 ish

I agree… That is sweet. So many cool slacks.

One more. The pinch-and-roll. Put the yo-yo on a trapeze. Pinch the loop with your NTH. Roll the yo-yo toward your NTH. Throw it again, like a regen or a hop the fence.

Example at around 0:57. This one is a little less flashy, but pretty easy.