fav way to start a dead yoyo

Just wondering how other people start thier dead yo’s. I personally use the snap start alot. **shrugs. Whats your fav way to start yours???

Usually thumb start. I could just never get the snap down. (It doesn’t help that I can’t snap at all) Or when I’m doing 3a stuff I do thumb start and then a rolling trapeze start with my left hand.

I just do a front bind and then regen and return to my hand.

I’m not sure how you would bind a dead yoyo…

snap start eternal. tricks, stalls, and regens from snaps are so much fun.

I personally like to take the yo-yo in my hand just like I am throwing the yo-yo. Then I just kind of make the throwing motion and the yo-yo starts spinning. It is hard to explain.

I get it. Not too confusing.

snap start then bind

What do you mean? I just use a really big a loop and it works.

Snap start then Regen.

snap start -> bind -> regen

evidently you need a flying v. just sayin’! :wink:

Most of the time I thumb start. Every now and then I snap start. Then a good fake bind, and viola.

Thumb Start. I can do all of the starts, but the thumb start is my favorite.

I’m a snap starter too. I’ve got some pretty strong hands so I’m gonna see if Dave will add another world record to the mix. “Longes sleeping snap start”! I can get over a minute right now.
Like Ed I usually can do a few tricks then regen or bind. I even fix my string tension on a snap start.

it was over for me when i saw steve brown do snap start to sidewinder. i had to get it strong enough for that. now i like snapping into irgs. spirit bomb used to be my benchmark for a good snap, but bosk blew it away with rancid milk. you’ll have a tough time beating him, casey.

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snap start. what is a thumb start

second that


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“I see,” said the blind man.