Snap Starting Problems

I own a YYF Horizon and I am trying to learn the best tricks to start it up dead. I come across snap starts and I try to attempt it; however, due to the shape of it, I cannot seem to start it up smooth and fast. Is the shape the reason, or am i just doing it wrong?

For a shape like the horizon push starts tend to be easier so you may want to look into those. I use snap starts with all my throws no matter the shape but that’s just what I’m comfortable with. So long as you have enough spin to get the yoyo back to your hand it doesn’t really have to be smooth.

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What is an example of a push start? Can you link me to one so I can see, thanks~!

Can you snap start other yo-yos? I had a similar issue. I chose a smaller yo-yo at first. Once I got used to the snap start, other bulkier throws were no problem. There is also a learning curve for binding slowly spinning yoyos. Basically your throw hand is moving up then towards the yoyo to help it bind. It’s something you’ll pick up naturally after doing it lots of times. Hope this is helpful.

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Yes, I have a smaller yo-yo that I am able to snap start with. With my larger yo-yo, do I just have to learn how to bind slower spinning yo-yos like you said?

That would be a tough yoyo to snap start. I have enough trouble with it on a shutter. Best suggestion I have is to use your throw hand, try to line up your finger and thumb in a straight line, and just go for it. If the snap is straight, the yoyo will spin straight, but that shape definitely makes it easier to twist the snap.

Push starts are when you push down on the yoyo with your NTH. The string should be between your index and middle finger. Let the yoyo roll forward, away from your NTH and bind from a brain twister mount.

The push start is in this video somewhere. Also easy is the “palm” start. I recommend the foot start. :wink:

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Nice find, I’ve heard about the palm start and I’ve always wanted to try it.  ;D

I actually made that video, so it was pretty easy to find. Haha!

Oh, haha my bad. :smiley:

Can anyone tell me were to find a tutorial on like a pull start for unresponsive play kinda like the snap start

Not sure what you’re looking for here. You can do a “pull start” with matador spikes, the right inner cup, or hubstacks. You wouldn’t need a tutorial for it.