Responsive SB Bassalope???

Yesterday quite randomly, both ipadz in my small bearing bassalope just fell out, so i siliconed the bad recess. With this silicone, it’s super responive. HELP!

most likely when you siliconed it, you got some silicone stuck between the bearing and bearing wall, take the bearing out and see if their is any silicone that is NOT in the silicone area, if their is, then get it out, like little flaps that are hanging out for example. if not, then the only other thing i can think of is you got silicone in the bearing.

Eeeek, the wide, shallow pad recesses don’t make for easy siliconing. The yo-yo was not meant to be siliconed, and it would play like the manufacturer intended if you replaced the flowable silicone with pads.

I would suggest putting in more iPads (send me a message if you don’t have any), or 12 mm Duncan Silicone stickers.


That’s what yoyoing is all about other than throwing yoyo’s. ^5 the oldest craze!