After I siliconed my misquito, whenever I throw it, some silicone comes out. Im on my last ipad, so Im nervous about this problem with my bassalope. any advice?
-Tom Srebernak

The recess probably isn’t deep enough.

your bassalope can use a flowable silicone response but i think that with your particular bassalope’s run they just opted to use the ipad rather than just silicone it. as far as the mosquito goes you probaby like apetrunk said need to deepen the recess on the yoyo.

No. If it’s a bassalope with A-sized bearing, it cannot take silicone. The recess is like a duncans. Less than 1mm.

A-sized bearing doesn’t mean a shallow recess. The Wedgie (and maybe other BBYY yoyos) uses a small bearing but can be siliconed.

Yes and no. There is nothing about an A sized bearing that says you can’t silicone a yo-yo with it. However, we are talking about a specific yo-yo with an A sized bearing. The large bearing Bassalopes have silicone grooves. You can put silicone in them. The small bearing Bassalopes have pads recesses. They wont hold silicone very well at all.