Can you siilicone recess a yoyo with the bearing in?

i have silicone recessed tons of yoyos but i usually take the bearing out first but on my genesis its just stuck and wont come out. So can you silicone the side that the bearing is in while the bearings in?

Poured in silicone or made a recess?

If you are careful, you should be able to avoid getting silicone in the bearing.


It would be a risky move to put silicone in it, and it would be a terrible idea to recess it while the bearing is still in there.

It is pretty easy to take it out, so I wouldn’t risk wasting a bearing.

i had the same problem today with my G5 and the bearing being stuck. which sucked because the bearing was defective. but tug hard enough with the right tools and it will pop out. maybe it has to do with the H shape

It can be taken out.

Are you asking about siliconing or silicone recessing? It would be pretty dumb (as DYonch) to try to recess a yoyo with the bearing in, but since it’s already recessed, yes you can silicone it with the bearing in. As others have also said, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it out of the bearing.