Silicone Help


I siliconed my G5 this morning and let it dry until right now, and I am having trouble getting the silicone out of the bearing seat. I got some of it, but not all of it by using a paper clip. Is there an easier solution?


A pencil eraser might help loosen it. (rubber-like substance against rubber-like substance)

I used a round toothpick to get all of mine out. The wood against the silicone worked pretty well but I was suprised at how persistent that stuff is. I had to work at it quite a while. I was doing it after having waited 24+ hours.

(Mi) #3

I use s toothpick to loosen it and a q-tip to remove it.


Thanks for the answers. Also, if I put my bearing in the seat when there was still a little silicone left, would it cause a problem with the bearing?


It might. If it doesn’t work like it should, then clean it.

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It could cause loose silicone to end up in the bearing raceway and stop the rotation prematurely. It that happens clean it.


I just cleaned my bearing and put some lube on it, but now its responsive. When I applied the silicone I used a gift card/spoon like what is said to do, but it is still responsive. Any help?


Break everything in.


More than likely too much lube in the bearing. Bearing lube is the deciding factor in response or lack thereof. try cleaning it again, blow out the solvent, lightly lube.


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just play it for about a day. if it is still responsive, check the bearing seat to make sure all the silicone is out, clean the bearing again, try playing it dry for a few throws (if it is the bearing, it deffinately should be unresponsive, if it is something else, then it will still be responsive) then lube it lightly.