Responsive Rally


So, I burned through the string that came on my Rally, which seemed like a thin string. Then I put on a YYSL Type X, as well as a Toxic poly, and the yoyo plays VERY responsive with both of them. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Did it play unresponsive with the stock string? If not, clean the bearing. The bearing may be dirty.


The bearing could just be breaking in or you got a faulty bearing or it’s dirty


Yes it was fine out of the box. It’s weird, it just doesn’t feel like a bearing issue but I’m going to swap it anyway I think.


It’s not a faulty bearing if it worked when you got it

It could need to be cleaned or oiled but it’s still on the user since they’ve obviously been using it


The stock bearing is crap, replace it.


I took the stock string, took it off the yoyo and shoved it back in the box. If I ever sell it, the next owner can get the Rally, box and original string. But, I ain’t selling it because I’m too busy enjoying my Rally with a YYSL Type X String on it and it is DEAD unresponsive!

Check your bearing. It may be breaking in, or bad. Clean it and/or swap it and see if it’s the bearing.

Bearings can initially be fine, and then a defect takes a while to reveal itself. It happens in a lot of stuff.

I mostly discover this problem with electrolytic capacitors not meeting their hour ratings. But, capacitors, like bearings, tend to be inexpensive. I repaired a $4500 amp with 2 $5 capacitors and then did an event with them. However, in this case, I’d been using the stuff for quite some time.


Mine had a bad bearing, but it was responsive out of the box. Threw in a trifecta bearing and it’s great now


Yeah it seems like alot of people have been having problems with the OD 8Ball