Responsive Genesis...

Hey guys, my Genesis is about 5months old and on Dec.25th I got a KK bearing and put it into Genesis. However the bearing easily came out without bearing remover. It worked fine though, until recently it started to become a little responsive. I changed the pads, but they are still responsive. Please help I am DESPERATE! :frowning:

What response pads are you using? You could try flowable silicone, I like that better, I think it helps keep the string from rubbing up against the pads.

Also, Does your bearing need cleaned? Maybe you over lubed?

a yoyo becoming responsive is almost never because of the pads.
There is likly something in the bearing. Go through what ever cleaning process you like and it will most likly be fine.
I just remove sheilds and add a bit of lube. then play with the yoyo a bit and I am back at dead unresponsive.
Most clean the bearing first then add lube or run them dry.

Try changing your string, and clean out your bearing AND bearing SEAT. I found that sometimes my throws become responsive due to pieces of string getting stuck and the fraying of the string rubbing against the response.

I use YYF slim size K pads, and I actually don’t have any lubes… I gotta buy one. Yea, so my bearing’s dry. I should try cleaning my yoyo :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for replying!