responsive g5+ help

i have a g5 plus and it was unresponsive and happy but about a week ago the pads fell out and someone told me it takes ghost pads so i ordered them 2 days ago they came but guess what they didnt fit so i thought o i have them i might as well cut them to size so i did and they worked fine until today when my yoyo started being responsive not super resonsive just enough to come up with a jolt like lets say the first pop in spirit bomb or kwijibo can i have some help

also yesterday my centertrac lb suddenly felt like a ball was iout of place i deshielded it and cleaned it and lubed it but nothing

That is how my bearings feel when they are breaking in. Just play it allot and it will get better.

thing is i already broke in the bearing in my dark magic 2 months ago

So you swapped the bearings from the DM2 and G5? Try cleaning the bearing you were talking about in your first post.

sorry if that wasnt clear i had the centertrac bearing before and i already broke it in in my dark magic then when i got the G5+ i threw the centertrac in there and yesterday the centertrac started acting funny i have had my g5 for over a month and the bearing for over 2