KK Responsiveness?

Hi everyone,

I just got my KonKave bearing in the mail.
I love yoyoexpert’s incredibly fast mailing.

I stuck it in my DM, played it for like 5 throws, then I realized I needed to clean it.
I cleaned the bearing, and it increased spin time by about 20 seconds. My only problem is that my DM is still responsive. The cleaning made it a little less responsive, but it still comes back to my hand with a strong enough tug. I didn’t use any lube.

I think I may have just not broken in the bearing, but is this responsiveness normal for KonKaves?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Yah, mine was responsive for a few hours of play, just break it in and it will play great. ;D
Btw, i would suggest lightly lubeing it if it isnt a ceramic one to keep it in good condition :wink:

It should be unrespinsive or even slippy(slightly) after some more play, mine got really unresponsive on just a couple of throws , not cleaned.

Oh and make sure the gap isn’t too tight.