Kon Kave Bearing

How to make a new kk-bearing unresponsive, as mine is responsive…please help me out… ty ;D

on what yoyo and maybe clean it

Its on a superstar hehhe but i think its responsive because of the lube…but i am afraid to clean it…please help me …

What are you afraid of? just deshield it and clean it. Its not hard.

Or if you are patient enough, just play with it responsive until it breaks in. Nothing wrong with playing responsive for a while.

Personally, I have never cleaned my bearing yet… If you added too much thin lube, then just play with the yoyo to break in the bearing. This will take from 3 days to about 1.5 weeks depending on amount of play. Personally breaking it in is my favorite choice because you can go back to the basics such as Stop and Go so you can reminiscence the past and understand how far you have gone. My motto is understanding the past can help you move forward. Simple as those tricks may be, they will really inspire you as they did before.

Clean it. Cleaned KK’s play soooo well. Be sure to lube it lightly after cleaning it though so it doesn’t get too loud.

Or do as others said and play with it a lot. In a few days to a few weeks, it should get unresponsive again. :wink:

Thanks for the help everyone!