KK bearing, Breaking in?

hi! i recently got a KK bearing and i was wondering how long it takes to break them in? iv read its like 2 hours of good play! iv had this bearing for about a 1 and half weeks and still not broken in! its so responsive! iv tried it in all my yoyos to make sure its wasn’t the yoyo i was using an it makes all my yos responsive! its so annoying! as anyone else had a kk bearing like this?

cheers! oli!

its how much you play with the bearing,

if you played with it quite a lot you could break it in fast enough

( I think I got mine unresponsive ???)
but just to make my bearing better I added some thin lube then it got responsive for a while,
I break it in from there ,

from that point I did not temper with the bearing again cuz it was soo smooth and unresponsive

just dont forget to have fun while playing ;D

lol! iv been playin with it every day! and last thursday i was playin with it for like 2-3 hours none stop! every time im watching TV i just stand there doin sleepers till its about to die bring it back up and start again! i want in to be unresponsive coz its so nice a smooth and quiet!

You’re best bet is to play. Just play. Don’t care about the bearing, just yoyo, learn, and go on as if it was your old bearing. After all, a little bit of responsiveness never hurt anyone, right? :wink:

Just so you know, i took like 3 weeks to break into mine, just about an hour of playing every day.

I think that break-in time is different from bearing to bearing. Yes they are all lubed a bit, but it is possible that one is lubed more than the other. Just play with yours until it breaks in. An exact time for when it breaks in is not going to break it in faster.

cheers guys! its still pretty responsive but i can kinda do lacerations if i really really whip it! still not how i like it! il just keep at it!