Ceramic KK bearing

How long does it take to break in a CKK? I got one, and my responsiveness has increased, which I take, goes away after the bearing has been broken in.

I ranges from how long you play. I would say at most three weeks and you are correct about the responsiveness factor. It will go away. Also, you can clean it if you want to. But I personally like just breaking it in.

the one i have took about 2 weeks or so to break it fully, after about a week it lost a bit of response and i was able to do whips and stuff but after 2 weeks it was completely unresponsive and now it plays like a dream.

That’s kind of an enigmatic answer. If it takes two weeks of play, how many hours per day are you using it? My yoyo probably spins an hour to an hour and a half per day.