Question about KonKaves

I just outfitted my DV888 with a KonKave about (i dont know) 2-3 weeks ago, but now it woulnt bind literaturaly. Im pretty sure its not the responce system because it looks fine, and someone told me its time to change a responce system when it falls out, so far im not having this problem. If you have any advice, or know what the problem is, could you reply, plz

If you response system is still there then it may either be dead or you are doing something wrong…
Change out the K pad or take out that KK and put th stock one back in.
Just because the pads didn’t fall out doesn’t meant they aren’t good anymore.

Yeah I hear you, I just started yoyoing this past summer so I am pretty new. (using a X-convict) I just received my KonKave bearing in the mail the other day. This is my first experience with them and it seems to not bind. The stock bearing binds, yet the KonKave one doesn’t want to bind. Like it is going to fast or something. Do I need to replace my old o-rings?

Spinning fast actually helps a yo-yo return, so it’s not that :slight_smile:

If you only started throwing a few months ago, I’m a bit confused as to why you have a high end unresponsive yo-yo with a konkave bearing to begin with… it’s nowhere even in the realm of necessary for somebody at your level, and often even just a bad idea… but you do, so I’ll try to help…

Odds are you are either a) not binding correctly or b) the response system is just dead… now I don’t really remember what response the dv888 uses, but if it’s a sticker type response it probably needs to be replaced. If it’s o-ring or silicone then it really shouldn’t ever have to be replaced and you should check out option a :slight_smile:

The kk decreases response even further than it was before, so if you aren’t binding correctly it won’t very forgiving.


Well I am using a x-convict. I originally started with a Duncan Freehand, which was responsive and I learn off the videos on this web site. Well I then got to a point to where I needed an unresponsive yo-yo. I thought I needed to buy an unresponsive yo-yo and I really liked the x-convict. So, I got it loved it then thought about upgrading from a stock bearing to a KonKave. And now I am now at that problem.

You -never- ‘need’ an unresponsive yo-yo… but that’s a whole other debate.


yeah man this happens alot. (not meaning you addict) some rich kid buys an expensive unresponsive yoyo with an expensive more unresponsive bearing when they just started. It annoys me when they think its broken.

Lol, like kyo and Zer0F3AR said, it’s not broken. You just need to learn how to bind better. You could also just put in your old bearing. I actually don’t mind playing with stock bearings. I ordered a Therapin X bearing and ended up letting my friend use it in his X con. Get good with a regular bearing and then you won’t have any trouble with a KonKave ;D

Why is that surprizing? The gap on the DV888 is huge and it doesn’t use pads, there’s really no need for a kk bearing.

instead of k-pads try hot glue its cheap has very tight binds

you may need to clean the bearing

If you’d actually read anything posted here, or knew what you were talking about… you’d realize that is the exact opposite of what he needs to do.

I appreciate that you’re trying to help, but if you don’t actually know what’s going on you end up giving bad advice which makes things worse for the person you’re trying to help.


  1. Play it stock.

  2. Silicone the recess until it is flush, then put the SPEC bearing in there.

Well I needed an unresponsive yo-yo because I was learning tricks that needed it. And I know how to bind I never had problems before. I just thought that the bearing was going to be better than the stock I have already. But, I guess its not for me yet.

As kyo said, if you are not binding correctly, it wont come back up. If you bearing is spinning fine, its not the bearing. Like others said, make sure your response is good. You also might want to work on your binding. ;D

You guys, why are we ARGUING SO MUCH??? No offense, but this forum has changed. :’(

Just some examples, so be nice? >:(

Wait… why am i in this post? i wasnt arguin

Chill out, no one was arguing.

And change is inevitable over time. Deal with it.

There are no tricks that need unresponsive yo-yos… there are tricks that require some practice however.

Anyway, you’ve got your answer now, good luck :slight_smile:


kyo knows his stuff and unless youre 130% posotive youre right, he will win in an argument, so just listen to what he has to say and learn something :wink: