Konkave bearings get responsive


I just got a brand new konkave bearing and it is responsive. I tried everything I even player with it for hours so this is after break in period. I can’t lube it because that would make it more resposive :-[ . What should I do?


Just keep breaking it in, konkave bearings come pre lubed, so if you dont want to clean it just keep wthrowin! :slight_smile:


It has been a month now, and I have friends who bought it and loved it, is it dirty. i cleaned it with petrolium. It is responsive from the start


Is it responsive? (As in when its sleeping and you are not doing a trick it will come back to your hand with a tug)

OR is it coming back to your hand when you’re doing a trick / combo?

KK’s, Center tracs, etc; are prone to wrapping up on you.


Just a moment sir…the kks will snag you if you have alot of layers but the center tracs will not. I have one in my main throw and I can go pretty fast and I have not had a snagging problem with my cts. I have been using them for a little over a year as well.

I do know what the OP means by it is responsive, it is because all the string layers are made to go in the middle of the bearing and then doing simple tricks can become hard because of snagging, the kk bearing is made for a specific style of play, mostly whips and slacks and ladder escape type tricks work wonderfully well with kks but it is for a very specific style of play.


Ah. Pardon me.

I don’t fully retract my previous statement though. My Northstar (Stock) does snag up on me every blue moon due to multiple layers.

But KK’s do it more so. From personal experience.

I’m no expert though. I stay away from them.