G5 problems

hey guys ok my G5 was workin fine then i got some thin lube i put it on and it made more responsive and less spinning time and yes i got thin lube so then i cleaned it and it spun fine but your not suppose to put a dry bearing in the yoyo so i put thin lube on and it did the same thing so can some one please help me? :frowning: :frowning:

put a verrry little drop on it

It COMES clean, putting lube in there will slow it down. I did that to my PGM bearing. But play with it fer a while and soon it’ll be back to normal

I agree. Never lube SPEC bearings. If you’re lucky, it will go back to normal. However, don’t try to clean or lube it again.

oh well i cleaned it and it works now thanks guys

Oooo, :o
I’ll keep that tip in my mind.

Happy Throwing! =]