Responsive BvM?

Hi All,

I was hoping I could impose upon the community for suggestions to my responsive BvM issue. I picked it up in a BST months ago and loved it right away. The only problem is after a few minutes of play it will occasionally snap back to my hand unexpectedly. It’s not all the time and it certainly acts unresponsive but there’s just that one time out of ten that it pops up that keeps me guessing every time I use it. I changed the bearing to a cleaned 10-ball I recently received in a BST and the same thing happened.

I’m not that great at unresponsive play so it could certainly be me doing something wrong. It is certainly more prevalent (but not restricted to) whips. I don’t think I have any more detail than that but please feel free to ask questions if you have them.


try new string
fuzz bothers the yo

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It could just be the trick you are doing. If it involves multiple wraps around the bearing, than it’s gonna be more likely to respond back to your hand. For example most of the time I can barely get my halo back to my hand its so unresponsive, but there is one trick I do that involves multiple wraps and theres a 50/50 chance that it will snap back

Does it snap back in a sleeper? If you throw a lot of sleepers, will one of them snap back responsive? Or is it ^^ a trick?

LEDBETTER!!! Good to see you back!!


Try cleaning the bearing seat with the same solution you used with the bearing, and go over the seat with a Q-tip. It could be that some gunk is getting into the bearing, causing it to jam every once in a while.

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Thanks Q. I’ve been really busy but I’m hoping it’ll slow down with the summer coming. My studio is officially gone so that will free up some time for sure. I’ll definitely clean the bearing seat this weekend and see if it helps.

Skeletonboy333: It never snaps back on a plain sleeper

I tend to practice basic whips a lot so there is usually only one wrap in the gap at that point. I tend to see a problem when I’m doing them but it could be because I do them a lot not because of the trick. I’m also wondering if it could be because of the type of tricks I’m doing might be tightening the string thus causing it to bunch up and catch prematurely.

I’m also going to change my string to see if one of Buddy Jim’s thin strings helps.

Thanks to everyone that commented. Please keep them coming. I can always use the help.

Hi Everyone,

I am sad to report I have cleaned the bearing and bearing seat with mineral spirits, changed strings to a thinner string and added a drop of lube to the bearing and now my poor BvM is responsive most of the time. I’ve played it a little over the past two days and am guessing it may be from the thin lube added. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what else it might be so I’ll keep playing it and see if it breaks in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

The response is from that drop of oil in the bearing. Just keep playing with it and it will break in. Besides, a little responsive play will make you smoother.

Doing Gyro Flops speeds up the process.

U should probably put in new flowable silicone.

NONONONO. that will make it more responsive, and possibly get flowable sili in the bearing seat causing further problems. DONT DO IT! you are saying the WRONG remedy, that remedy is for SLIPPY binds.


1:clean it again.
2:put a drop of lube.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the great advice. Now that it’s Saturday I’m hoping to pay my BvM a bit more attention and try to break it in. It’ll give me an opportunity to work on my gyroscopic flops…mine always seem to rotate too fast then spin out.

Move your hands to keep the string in plain with the yoyos gap for gyro’s. :wink:
I also think the lube was a good idea, and you should just play it out.
You did put the lube “In” the bearing right? Like not on the shield but inside under the shields? Also if you have the shields in, they will make it take a lot longer for the lube to break in.
Also a tip I give everyone I teach is keep your yoyo on you at all times. You will play with it more, more often and learn faster.
Good luck.
Oh and even the most unresponsive yoyo will bind up if your string tension sucks real bad, try to keep it neutral. Also just sloppy movements will also cause random binds so try to be smoother and more direct with your movements. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to dredge up history but I wanted to give everyone an update. I wound up cleaning the bearing and replacing the flowable silicone with red rtv silicone. When I took the bearing out I found a c-clip in the bearing seat which was odd. Everything is dry now and I think things are looking good. I haven’t had enough time to really put it through its paces but I haven’t had any kickbacks over the bast week of playing a bit each day. Thanks again for all the help.

good to hear bro