Responsive 888?

I got an 888 for my birthday yesterday, and I’m loving it.

But when I do the Triangle Laceration, the yoyo will sometimes snap, and then go responsive for the next few throws…

What’s going on here?

How can I fix it?

The yoyo is an '09 888 with grey highlights string.

Any help would be great!

Play with it. Break in the bearing. It’ll be fine.

I’m pretty sure SPECs come dry, so its probably not that.

It may be that your throw makes the yoyo vibrate, ad it becomes responsive because of that. Try a light finger test, and then see if its responsive still.

Or it could be one of the pads, make sure both are all the way in.

but one thing I gotta ask…Gray Highlight? Is there such thing?

Well, if you did the triangle laceration successfully…triangles can make the yo-yo unexpectedly bind, and if you drop it, you’ll add an extra loop into the bearing, making it responsive.

It’s prolly not the right answer, but variety is good.

Just play with it…break it in. :wink: over time, it will lose its grippyness


maybe ur as unlucky as me. My bosses spec came bad also. Maybe change ur bearing to a new spec or get a ten ball

Like Paolo said… Probably the pads… make sure their flush…
Never hurts to clean, lube and break in the lube, with the bearing… A quick way to see if its the bearing is to try playing the yoyo with a different bearing that you know works well and put the SPEC in the other yoyo… If the 888 plays better and the other yoyo becomes snaggy its the bearing… contact Ben and Im sure you could get it replaced… If the 888 still plays bad, and the other yoyo plays fine or bad with the spec… it could be the yoyo or the yoyo and the bearing… Then you might want to contact Ben again…

Good luck!

Also, you can try removing the bearing completely from the seat and make sure that there’s not any junk caught in the bearing seat. I’ve had a couple times where I’ve had hair stuck in the bearing seat and made the yo-yo play responsive

Duh! ::slight_smile: I totally forgot about breaking it in.

I guess since it’s my second yoyo, first metel, and my first yoyo I got way back in may, its not so hard to understand why I forgot… ;D

How long do you think it should take?


The guy that gave them to me and said that’s what they were…

Make sure you add a tiny drop of lube, then break it in. SPEC bearings come dry, and for this reason many die on a lot of people. So make sure you lube it first, so it won’t die on you.