Response Break-in Tricks?

Title says it all. I had to put in new flowable in my Nessie and had to lube it at the same time so it is now SUPER responsive. Are there any tricks that will wear down the response quicker, but at the same time are safe for responsive play?

Binds, heavy use, prolonged throwing sessions to warm it up

Yep, there’s no real substitute for just regular play. Anything you do that wears on the response (lots of layered strings, etc) is going to result in a bind on a responsive yoyo. The fastest way to wear down the response would be just to throw and bind, repeatedly. But longer tricks are what will break in the lube, so I would just play normally and be careful not to hit your knuckles, and it will be right as rain soon enough.

Also I’ve heard you can use a razor blade or similar blade and shave it down to be level

The response is level. It is just really grabby compared to my other throws (which use silicone pads rather than flowable silicone). I have tried the same bearing in other throws and it is 1/2 - 1/4 as responsive in these as it is in the Nessie.

Often times people will recess their flowable in the groove, using a spoon or credit card or similar. You might consider doing that next time.

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