Just Curious

Is there some technique to break in a yoyo faster?
Just keep binding?
Just let it die out?
Do tricks?
Or what? Just curious.
What do you guys do? ???

If you mean break in the bearing and response than just keep playing with it. A naturally broken in bearing plays much better in my opinion. Don’t use lube (makes it semi responsive…yes thin lube is what I’m referring to).

If your breaking in silicone response. Rub dryer lint on the response and than rub both halves on a pair of jeans for a bit.

Just keep playing and it’ll break in.

What setup are you using?

Flowable silicone on both sides.

Either play it for a while until it breaks in or rub dryer lint on the response. If you’re using an unshielded bearing take it out before you do so…it’ll also be easier to remove the axle.

After you rub dryer lint o. The response area rub both halves on your jeans.

There is not a more fun way that is for sure.

If you want to break in flowable silicone response, why don’t make it slightly recessed. They would totally unresponsive on the first throw.
I always did that.

I always use the back of a spoon to slightly give the response a concave recess.

It still ends up being a bit grabby.