Response and Bearing.

Heya guys.

I’m interested in getting a YYF Genesis soon, hopefully in Yoga Flame color.

I see that it takes a Silicone Pad response system. Is this a good response system?
I’m a complete noob when it comes to response systems unlike the Velocity…

Is the default Silicone Pad thing good? Is there a groove that I can put an O-Ring in instead? Different kinds of pad?
Which is best?

Also, I’m not really in the know about bearings either. Is a Konkave/Groove bearing worth having? Or better to just stick with the regular steel?
Tell me what you think!


The silicone pad is a great response system. However, you cannot put O-Rings in, and a few other types of pads can fit.

The bearing is perfectly fine the way it is. However, I do suggest adding a small amount of lube when it comes - SPEC bearings usually arrive dry.

Samad hit the nail on the head. Lube is all you need.