Response system confusion...

[i]1: The Silicone groove is deep enough, that it removes almost the same amount of metal from the M1 as the Pad Recess (.003 grams difference) so you can do a Half Pad Half Groove hybrid.

2: The Silicone Groove is the same size as the grooves you would find on YoYoJam and YoYoFactory yo-yo’s, meaning that you can use response rings that you already have if you don’t like silicone. Vapor Rings M1? Yes please.[/i]

^ Read this at and realized that i have no idea what it means. I’ve heard people talking about flow groove or flowable silicon before, but i don’t know how the response system works, or what it looks like. Could someone give me some info on the silicone response systems? I use a pad response system, just so you know what I’m used to. Thanks! :smiley:

The silicone works the same way the response pads that you are used to do. The difference is that the amount of friction between the string and the response is much less, allowing it to rub against the response without it automatically returning.

For the physics inclined, the coeficent of friction is very low for silicone vs response pads.

Oh okay, so the silicone is in a sense less responsive than the response pads. Thanks. :slight_smile: So what’s the difference/Pros & Cons between flow groove silicone response and silicone pad response systems?

One is:

It is easier to replace the pads than re-silicone a yoyo (IMO).

Ah, so the flow groove is exactly that, silicone squeezed into a groove. Thanks.