O-rings Vs. Response Pads

I am thinking of upgrading from my Journey but I’m not sure about these other response systems.
I like the fact that I can go to a hardware store and get a bunch of replacement o-rings cheap.

What exactly is different about the silicone response systems?
I’m not quite up to totally unresponsive play yet, so I would like something that is still a little responsive.

You have 2 options to std o-rings. The YYJ silicone o-rings or apply flowable silicone sealer. My choice: go to the hardware store and get a stock o-ring. I have YYJ models w/stock o-rings and the silicone o-rings and they both play similar. The main difference is the silicone o-rings fit flush giving a bit less response.

Ok cool. I was not sure if you had to use the silicone pads or not.

or onedrop

Huh? I’m confused…

Can you use rubber o-rings in all the yoyos?

these for those old yyj models

Oh ok. I see.
But I’m thinking about upgrading from my Journey so I’m looking at the response systems and trying to decide what would be best in the new one.

I like the rubber o-rings in my Journey because I have not gone no response yet.
Just wondering if other newer yoyos use the same type system.

Newer YYJ models come with the YYJ silicone o-ring. The ID/OD are the same as a stock o-ring, just the thickness and material differ. At one point in time people used to use a razor blade to cut the stock o-ring flush with the inner surface for a little less response.

BTW - you can play non-responsive w/stock o-rings as well. It’s more due to a clean or very lightly lubed bearing than anything else.

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